15 Jul 2013

using medial data

what i had seen lately was: the electrocardiography was giving a diagnosis or at least a ‘good’ recommendation what is going on.

so the doctor used the outcome of the device to create a diagnosis which is then put into the medial record of the subject. in germany doctors have to use ICD-10 [1] - which is basically a lookup table where each diagnosis has an associated uniq id (the ICD code). the wikipedia article [1] mentioes encryption but is not about security at all - what they actually mean is encoding - but thats a different story.

MD with autocompletion in diagnosis

the ICD encoded data is probably already used for drug research - does it make sense to invest in this drug when there are only 2 affected? - and of course insurance companies.

but the idea i’m having here is more like giving a MD a tool for diagnosis like autocompletion for java, when using eclipse.


idee: arzt mach anamnese und bekommt blutbild, mit den erfassten daten kann man dann einen parser fuettern, der die daten verwendet und eine interpretation erstellt anhand von vorangegangen diagnosen. - das framework ist open source und attached auf die db des artztes clientseitig (quasi als plugin) - das diagnosetool kann lernen, indem es die daten liesst und auch die diagnosen dazu (unter annahme diese waren richtig) - die daten vom patienten werden annonymisiert, wenn der artzt das tool verbessern will

MD personal

making the database better


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