evopedia on windows with installer

25 dec 2010

evopedia 0.4.2 on windows

there is now a official 0.4.2 release and this obsoletes the zip-file based git (git, the version control system) build, which i released a few weeks ago. as a surprise for me, my own wiki posting, my manual for building evopedia on windows, didn’t work. so i had to hack the Makefile manually as ‘-lbz2’ had to be removed.

in the windows build i’ve applied a patch, so that the network setting is ‘enabled’ by default (was set to ‘auto’ previously). the ‘auto’ setting does only make sense for the maemo platform, on the nokia n900 device, anyway.

NSIS - Nullsoft installer

finally i experimented with the nullsoft installer, read some example scripts and gave up. then i thought why not copy the nullsoft installer script of my favourite project: springrts.com. altough i needed a few minutes to find the right file, i soon realized that the spring setup script was generated by a wizzard…. sounded exactly what i needed.

so i discoveded [2]: HM NIS EDIT: A Free NSIS Editor/IDE


it took me about 2minutes to create a experimental installer and i have to point out that ‘HM NIS EDIT’ is excellent software. i like it very much because i hate to spent time in my virtualbox windows xp image as the fonts are very small and all the windows tools feel so wrong.

i needed abou 30minutes to create this nice installer. hope it works for everyone - please report back to me.

the evopedia installer

so here are the files:

  • you can find the installer evopedia-0.4.2-installer.exe at [3]
  • the nsi source for generating the installer can be found at [4]
  • a md5 sum of the two files can be found at [5].

how to install

execute the installer, select the ‘small’ evopedia. wait for about 3minutes, until the download is complete. then experiment with it.

to get an idea what dumps we have without installing evopedia, see [6]. there is however a nice p2p torrent downloader integrated into evopedia 0.4.2, so you don’t have to do downloads/updates manually.

how to uninstall

if you don’t like evopedia you can:

  1. use the uninstaller (to save approx. 6mb)
  2. don’t forget to remove the small evopedia (and maybe other evopedia archives you have downloaded) manually.

i doubt that i will add an automation for the second step to the uninstaller, so this must be done manually, even on futher releases.

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