linux on the desktop

5 jul 2009

just a few thoughts why linux is not on the desktop yet.

  • graphic drivers suck (except those from intel and some other vendors’ old cards)
  • wireless lan (networkmanager is not very good)
  • updates (not reinstallations of new versions) tend to screw up the whole system
  • the security mechanisms are not always working (getting better over the last years of course) but still one needs to be a pro to do them correctly without breaking the whole system
  • backups: dependent on your distribution this works or does not work well

in other places i see pretty good support in linux for the desktop use case. still those things i mentioned are harmful!

btw: i would like to mention that some years ago i would have argued that bringing the games to linux would make linux the ‘os of choice’. this still did not happen for various reasons. but as time changed i would say this argument is not true anymore since ppl tend to have more than one computer or use game consoles for gaming.

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