memtest86 fail

22 dec 2014


a few months ago i had to fix a computer and was using memtest86 from a ubuntu usb boot stick. the program always returned this error:

the problem & solution

interestingly the problem was not caused by a memory problem. the most probable cause was a broken USB stick image that caused memtest86 to fail for some unknown reason. after i dd’ed the ubuntu 14.04 image to the stick again, it keept finding no issues onwards.

hours of wasted time only because memtest86 was broken!


note: should’ve created a dd’ed image of the stick to check for differences to the ubuntu 14.04 image, to find out the cause of this memtest86 issue. i always assumed that memtest86 would check itself first, before doing checks on ram but this seems to be no the case [citation needed].

now i’m confused about the usefulness of memtest86 ;P

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