openstreetmap heightmaps

7 jul 2009

a problem in visualizing maps is how to render the height differences. the spring rts has a very nice solution to this issue, see yourself:

the next two pictures are ordinary renderings. this kind of rendering is commonly used on printouts. this is nice when having a big map in your hand and if the detail level is as low as in the first picture below.

however if the detail level increases as in the next picture ( renderer) the usability gets lost. at least on very small displays as handhelds having sunlight and reflections on the display.

i don’t like using the opencyclemap renderer for biking tours. i’ve tested this quite some times with my openmoko device with the program called: tangoGPS

i would love to have an osm renderer using the spring rts ‘colorful heightmap’ renderer. i could think of a switch between normal osm maps and the heightfield renderer of spring. or even an overlay with local rendering would be cool.

maybe we can come up with such a renderer…

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