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nixos assembly on 33C3 kongress open complete article



avoiding cargo usage in nixpkgs. open complete article



a report about a nixos hacking sprint in the augsburger 'openlab' hackerspace. open complete article


pulseaudio tcp streaming

streaming audio in tcp using pulseaudio and avahi open complete article



about running NixOS on a simple yet powerfull server: the APU open complete article



crawling webpages using selenium, visualizing results using grafana with influxdb backend. open complete article



cfp software written in golang for the tuebix linuxtag in tuebingen open complete article



about how to create a powerful xml editor using emscripten, libxml2 and codemirror. open complete article



a report about a nixos hacking sprint in the augsburger 'openlab' hackerspace. open complete article


android calendar and CalDav

Using CalDAV/CardDAV with owncloud on android and thunderbird open complete article


emscripten-1.36.4 on nixos

emscripten on nixos works a tiny bit better now open complete article


request tracker kanban extension

extending legacy software like request tracker with webtechnology from a decade later open complete article


nixos pxe booting

intel PXE is used to boot a computer by using the network as source for the OS. this posting is about how to do that with NixOS. open complete article


odroid xu4 with nixos

nixos support for 'armv7l' is getting much better. in this postings i want to show a few insights on how to get nixos running on any ARM board which is running linux already. open complete article



about the effort of making wordpress deployment reproducible. open complete article



n900 findings

kdevelop on nixos

system services on nixos

diploma thesis multi platform software package management

filing a ticket on otrs 3 0 6 on windows server 2008 is slow like hell

new nixos org mediawiki theme

ubuntu cachefs experiments

mediawiki clean skin relocated

converting a virtualbox image to a libvirt

shinken 0.6 on gentoo

nixos on a hetzner root server

overwriting glibc library functions

evopedia is running on mac os x

a new workstation iii

prove binary deployment by recompiling and comparing

bringing nix to its limits

replacing automake by cmake

running the nix package manager in a prefix as the home directory

running the nix package manager on windows

gentoo server maintainance issues

gentoo security


mac os x virtualbox

evopedia on windows with installer

package management done differently nix

evopedia is running on arch linux

virtualbox extends my host system with several computers on the same network

evopedia is running on gentoo linux

evopedia is running on windows xp

adding torrent support to your qt project

qgraphicsscene used as a qabstractitemview iii

no more crashes after resuming from pm suspend iii

qabstractitemmodel vs qstandarditemmodel

gentoo user only 2gb ram or less

no more crashes after resuming from pm suspend ii

creating c++ classes using python scripts

enabling vt no longer chrases x on my hp elitebook 8530w

fixing volume change in linux

no more crashes after resuming from pm suspend

spamassassin procmail with vpopmail accounts

updating to kde 4.4.2 from kde 4.3.3


offering downloads via p2p using bittorrent

acronis true image 2009

magic dhcp stuff isc dynamic host configuration protocol

kernel 2 6 25 and udev 141 issue

ogre 3d - 4

ogre 3d - 3

a new workstation ii

ogre 3d - 2

package managers

ogre 3d

qgraphicsscene used as a qabstractitemview ii

the future of the internet

libnoise viewer

linux bashing


qgraphicsscene used as a qabstractitemview

cmake kdevelop 4

a new workstation

cmake and doxygen github com

n0 e28093 netw0rk manager source release

n0 netw0rk manager

uninterruptible power supply suspend2ramsuspend2disk

linux love gentoo love

ATI M22 mobility radeon x300 and external monitors


process control on logout


debugging failing gui only programs

installing murmurd mumble bypassing packet management

NAT IPv4 holepunching nattraversal

openstreetmap heightmaps

GPL vs others

linux on the desktop

acquiring aids by surfing porn

wireless lan security

centralized vs decentralized infrastructures

openmoko - xbuffer screwup issue

p2p networks decentralized

internet vs p2p networks

spam issue intentional

hello world