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android calendar and CalDav

21 Jun 2016


2016 and android still does not have a built-in open source CalDAV/CardDAV, this article is a very interesting read on the history and reactions of people wanting that. there is a nice article on how to implement a CalDAV client.

so in a nutshell: syncing different devices while supporting offline capabilities is complicated.

long story short: i do not want to copy my data into the google cloud. in this this posting i want to share my results with using owncloud 8.2 to sync my calendar and address book between my desktop computer and android (cyanogenmod) mobile.


used components:


what i liked:

what i hate:


i love this setup even as is a bit fragile! k9 mail is a great client, has even a better thread view than thunderbird. etar is exactly the calendar app i wanted! owncloud 8.x/9.x is currently packaged in nixpkgs but is broken. next up: fix the owncloud package(s) on nixos/nixcloud and use that instead of ubuntu 16.03.