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30 Nov 2009


i’ve just rewrote a library called libnoise to use cmake (instead of static Makefiles/libtool). i have to admit that cmake is probably the best buildsystem i’ve ever used. cmake does so many things better than others - but you probably know that already so i will focus on different things.

i had lot’s of problems using doxygen with an ‘out of source’ build. but i finally fixed that. i consider my hack an excellent example of how to use doxygen with cmake. the first thing i tried was hacking on [2], a posting from “Philippe Poilbarbe” (i don’t know this developer) which i couldn’t get running at first. exhausted i tried something else (for those who are interested, it was [3] a mail about a library called ‘libLASi’ using doxygen together with cmake (see [4] for libLASi). now happy to get doxygen working the ‘libLASi way’ at least  i decided to branch back to my first attempt which was [2].  finally i got that working, too. so [2] is the basis for this posting - keep that in mind.

i don’t like the way doxygen is integrated in cmake by the ‘libLASi’ developers. why?

because they write to the source directory (called ‘in source build’) and this is not how cmake developers (that is those who wrote cmake)  consider stuff to be done right.

if you ever have to use doxygen with cmake you should look at my code [2]. it will compile on linux (probably unix in general) and all you need is a g++ compiler and doxygen installed.

in general to adapt the cmake/doxygen from any other build system keep this in mind:

i hope you won’t loose as much time as i did figuring this out.

finally: thanks very much for help from (general cmake questions, nothing doxygen related) and thanks to the example at [5] but it wasn’t very helpful since i didn’t understand it - nice try, maybe next time! ;-)


UPDATE(30Nov09): replaced static path with ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR} in the quoted script above