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gentoo server maintainance issues

12 Jan 2011


this is the essence of the recent findings when doing server updates (on my two gentoo boxes).

in general: this is about: ‘emerge -uDN world’ and ‘emerge –depclean’.

system 1:

system 2:

this update went pretty well compared to system 1 but it also failed horribly:


two updates made two systems fail. that is why i hate to update in general. this isn’t an gentoo specific issue but a more general issue of the nature of updates. i always do my security updates but from time to time it is a good thing to do complete system updates. because services seem to degrade when they leave the ’time window’* they were designed for.

*the time window of a software (i define it) is a consequence of upstream/downstream using certain tools to build software. as the development cycle continues with more recent libraries/softwares, which is used by upstream, more recent components (dependencies) are pulled into the system. as a consequence: it is a good thing to use old programs with old libraries and recent programs with recent libraries. most often a mixture of both, old and new, leads to service degradation.