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13 May 2009

this is actually my first blog entry here and i would like to start bloggin about my openmoko - neo freerunner phone. it’s been a while ago since i bought this smartphone and i love it i have lots of problems with it.

i’m currently using SHR which is great in concept and would serve all i require which is basically:

all other things i consider nice to have.

the main problem i am facing is the instability of the software. i think of a few different bugs which happen to force a restart since it makes the neo unusable

my current conclusion for the neo freerunner is - i hate it. i regret spending 300 euro on that device. BUT i didn’t expect this phone ‘sold as a developer platform’ to be working perfectly. however i expected that at least the device drivers where in a better shape and a basic system would be working. on the other hand i see great potential: