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linux bashing

1 Jan 2010

#motivation i’m a linuxuser for years now and after migrating from debian to gentoo made the linux experience much better since many ABI incompatibilities were solvable by a simple reinstallation of the program. these kind of problems usually come up after library update and the error message usually is something like ‘unresolved symbols’.

right now i face several problems which i can’t ignore:

so now one would think the hardware is bad (which is what i would be thinking as well) but i’ve played some shooter demos and ‘sacred 2’ using windows xp for quite a while and this runs rock solid. the only issue windows shares is that after ‘standby’ the screen remains black (back-lit off) as well.


to sum up: i’m not sure what to do now but this situation is absolutely depressing since linux can’t be used AT ALL with that many problems. lately i consider installing win7. the ‘macbook pro’ of my wife is doing a great job and it runs stable although the fan makes some serious noise signaling it is damaged. i hate kde4 and the concept of their release policies. i consider kde4 not usable in a productive system and since kde3 has been removed there is no working alternative worth using (maybe xfce4).

i’m not sure what to do now? is the problem ‘open source’? why does nobody care for quality? am i using the wrong distribution again?

happy new year ;P