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ogre 3d

9 Feb 2010

ogre 3d problems on gentoo and general ogre 3d concept discussions

i’ve been using ogre 3d lately and here are some issues i had:

my project

you can find the code at [2]. but i’d like to warn you since:

but still it might still be useful for some coders to look at, for instance the joystick integration or how i did use cmake with ogre…

so why do i write this post at all?

summary: i don’t like the way the documentation is handled in the ogre project and i don’t like the build system as well. my main criticism however is that the distributions do a very bad job at including the library (with all the samples missing & misc quirks).

possible fix: take a look at how trolltech did it with the qt release. they have assistant for the documentation (no need to open a webbrowser with a distribution specific installation of the doxygen and html documents). they have qtdemo and they build all the examples while also having the source around. they don’t have any external documentation as in a wiki for instance.