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ogre 3d - 2

20 Feb 2010

status update for ogre on gentoo

i’m not the only person who has serious problems getting ogre to work, see [1] and [2]. [2] is exactly what i meant by low quality downstream support.

AND before anyone asked, NO i did not fill any bug tracker. if you like to do that, please feel free to do so. i hate to waste my time using email and ‘gray listening’ , then after i get a login. i’ve filled quite some bugs on bug trackers but as long as they don’t provide a frontend i consider ‘usable’ i won’t fill any bugs anymore. i often don’t even know where to fill the bugs anyway since they have lots of things you have to fill in… waste of time

right now i’m going back to ogre 1.6 since ogre 1.7 gave me this error when compiling my project:

An exception has occurred: OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Cannot find a group named debugger in ResourceGroupManager::isResourceGroupInitialised at /home/joachim/Desktop/projects/space-game/ogre/OgreMain/src/OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 1880)

i have absolutely no clue what could cause this, i did not edit OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp at all. googling didn’t reveal anything and the really nice ppl on couldn’t help me either.

summary: working with ogre 3d does not make much fun currently

nvidia cg support in ogre

actually i did get the cg (nvidia shader stuff) running. i noticed that in plugins.cfg i had*:

why does ogre say:

WARNING: material shader/ring has no supportable Techniques and will be blank. Explanation:

Pass 0: Vertex program shader/gradientVP cannot be used - not supported.

instead of:

WARNING: you disabled cg support by not using any extension so no cg file will work for every use of cg

ogre 3d 1.7rc1 ebuild

i’ve writte an ebuild for ogre 1.7rc1, it can be downloaded at [4], i copied some parts from [3] which was very helpful since i never did write an ebuild using cmake before.

i did not check the dependencies and they might probably be incomplete. if you want to use my ebuild you might just install ogre 1.6.5 with all use flags you want and then update to my package without cleaning ‘world dependencies’. also note that using my ebuild all samples will be built but the SampleBrowser binary and some others won’t be installed. i currently don’t understand why but the reason is that CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Gentoo is set but the CMakeLists.txt somehow expects CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo but i wasn’t able to overwrite that value with -D in the ebuild. i’ve asked in #gentoo-sunrise for support and they told me that this probably has to be fixed upstream. also don’t forget to install freeimage!

i did not upload that ebuild to - if you want to, please feel free to do so



2010-02-20: my ebuild does not install the library as well (that is the .so files) so currently everything is built but both the library and the bin/* files are not installed

Documentation about this is in ‘/usr/portage/eclass/cmake-utils.eclass’. About CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Gentoo i’d like to quote the cmake-utils.eclass comment:

# You usualy do *NOT* want nor need to set it as it pulls CMake default build-type
# specific compiler flags overriding make.conf.

My current fix is to overwrite that buildtype with:

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo just before src_configure()

NOTE: i’ve also updated the ebuild at [4]