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ogre 3d - 4

16 Mar 2010

more orgre updates - comments on ogre examples

i’ve finished a set of basic ogre examples - since the ones coming with ogre 1.7+ are not very good. you can download them from, see [1]. i’ve added a README which explains all in detail, again see [1]. i wish i had the time to create more of these examples. so here are a few screenshots.

so basically my examples are about:

all of these use cmake and you can use them for whatever purpose you like. just note that i’ve included code from the ogre wiki and i don’t know which copyright or license they use which is ‘yet’ another criticism (but i will stop right here). i would like to thank the irc folks in for their support.

it would be nice if you would drop me a email with feedback on how you liked/used my examples.