how to use a logilink PSCE84E9 network printing adapter with a samsung ml1610 with splix

configuration of the logilink adapter

i made sure that:

  • first i resetted the device with pressing the the reset button while being powered on for about 5 seconds '
  • i changed from dhcp (dynamic address) to a static ip address

on nixos linux


  • add this two entries to your configuration:
 services.printing.enable = true;
 services.printing.drivers = [ pkgs.splix ];
  • then run:
 nixos-rebuild switch
  • then i went to localhost:631 and changed the already configured splix printer to use socket://<IP-Adresse>/IP:9100 instead of /dev/null
  • using the 'print test page' the printer started printing *yay*

on mac os x

  • visit [1] and download the zip file, extract it and then use finder to click it and install it (it contains an installer for mac os x)
  • afterwards go to apple->preferences->printers i added a new printer with: URL: socket://
  • in the drivers section i selected the newly installed samsung ml-1610, splix v 2.0.0 driver


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