creating patch

1. git clone the to be patched software
2. just make the changes one wants to be in the patch
3. follow:
4. say pkgs/tools/networking/tlspool/default.nix is the target, copy the patch: pkgs/tools/networking/tlspool/fixing-rpath.patch here
5. add this to: pkgs/tools/networking/tlspool/default.nix
   patches = [ ./fixing-rpath.patch ];



# Ask the user to set a root password.
if [ "$(chroot $mountPoint nix-instantiate --eval '<nixos>' -A
config.users.mutableUsers)" = true ] && [ -t 0 ] ; then
    echo "setting root password..."
    chroot $mountPoint /var/setuid-wrappers/passwd


nix-instantiate --eval '<nixos>' -A config.networking.firewall -I $NIXPKGS  :( { allowPing = ; allowedTCPPortRanges = <CODE>; allowedTCPPorts = <CODE>; allowedUDPPortRanges = <CODE>; allowedUDPPorts = <CODE>; autoLoadConntrackHelpers = <CODE>; checkReversePath = <CODE>; connectionTrackingModules = <CODE>; enable = <CODE>; extraCommands = <CODE>; extraStopCommands = <CODE>; logRefusedConnections = <CODE>; logRefusedPackets = <CODE>; logRefusedUnicastsOnly = <CODE>; pingLimit = <CODE>; rejectPackets = <CODE>; trustedInterfaces = <CODE>; }


nix-instantiate --eval '<nixos>' -A config.networking.firewall.allowPing -I $NIXPKGS

reload instead of restart

 (13:16) <   qknight> sometimes it is importatnt just to reload apache (not to loose connections)
 (13:16) <   qknight> is there any implementation in nix which would help doing so?
 (13:16) <   qknight> so reload on config changes instead of restart
 (13:16) -!- mizu_no_oto [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
 (13:16) < iElectric> that's systemd config
 (13:17) < iElectric> grep for
 (13:17) < iElectric> reloadIfChanged
 (13:17) < ikwildrpe> qknight: not that I know of, seems also difficult to implement, as reloading of config is usually done using signals, and that makes it 
                    hard for a process to reload a new config, unless it is in a fixed location
 (13:19) < DamienCas> qknight: goibhniu: Lethalman: I reinstalled and now have kdm started. I will try gdm as before now
 (13:19) < ikwildrpe> but yeah, you'd use reloadIfChanged if the service supports reloading config with a new path, or has a fixed location
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