here i want to collect a few ideas to make thunderbird a better email client.

  • 'check all subfolders' on 'get messages' a default! currently only 'inbox' is queried for new mails but if you use .procmailrc filter rules on the server you have to manually click each folder to see updates in thunderbird
  • newsgroup naming is a horror -> make names editable in preferences, render in two lines (name on top), (ammount of new messages below)
  • include 'compact headers' plugin into thunderbird
  • make the thunderbird application more responsive (resizing)
  • move thunderbird development to
  • remove the 'reply' button, make 'reply to all' default!
  • index all emails, also the GPG encrypted
  • draft saving:
  • should occure in the background and not with a popup which blocks writing and even makes an accidental 'cancel' hit possible
  • draft saving should occure offline if online is not possible
  • draft saving should start 5 seconds after the last key-stroke was registered (and run in the background)


  • import .ics files using drag'n'drop:
  • make calendar urls 'changeable', WTF, why do i have to delete the calendar in order to change the url?
  • create a log with sync details. instead of showing a popup error nag one could use this log
  • instead of creating a new networked calendar, maybe just add a 'sync' to a local one instead?

hacking lightning

1. hg clone

2. cd comm-central


quick filter bar:


 nix-shell -A thunderbird
 cd /tmp
 mkdir thunderbird
 cd comm-esr31

 comm-esr31/mail/locales/en-US/chrome/messenger/quickFilterBar.dtd -B 1
 <!ENTITY quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.base
 162:         "Filter these messages... #1">

the source for the quickFilterBar is probably this:

 234:  let textbox = mc.e("qfb-qs-textbox");
 241:  let textbox = mc.e("qfb-qs-textbox");

 80:  mc.e("qfb-qs-textbox").focus();
 84:  mc.e("qfb-qs-textbox").focus();
 129:  let qfbTextbox = mc.e("qfb-qs-textbox");

 154:        <textbox id="qfb-qs-textbox" flex="3"

 944:  domId: "qfb-qs-textbox",
 1221:QuickFilterManager.textBoxDomId = "qfb-qs-textbox";

 206:#qfb-qs-textbox {
 214:  #qfb-qs-textbox {
 222:  #qfb-qs-textbox:not([focused]):hover {
 227:  #qfb-qs-textbox[focused] {
 235:  #qfb-qs-textbox:not(:-moz-lwtheme) {
 246:  #qfb-qs-textbox:not(:-moz-lwtheme)[focused] {

 270:#qfb-qs-textbox {

gmane news reader mode

i like the starred button there but i would rather like to have a 'my postings' and then list only threads where i asked something or answered something. hence, only stuff i'm working on.

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