11 Nov 2015


porting nixos to new architectures like ‘powerpc64 big endian’ just got easier using a cross compiler to build the ‘bootstrap-tools’!

porting nixos to new architectures

documented here:

nix and perl relation

but i wanted to point out that getting all the perl aspects in nix installed correctly is quite annoying. i even had to package a perl CPAN module for nix 1.10 for yocto to get nix running properly!


the good news is, there is a plan to get rid of perl in nix, which i consider a very good thing, see:

powerpc64 big endian bootstrap-tools

i had nix-1.10 running on powerpc64 big endian using yocto linux as base system but since i lost access to the system i didn’t finish with the bugs in the system build.

here is the download to the bootstrap-tools i had been building:


thanks very very much for viric’s support. basically all this knowledge i derived from him!

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