converting jessyink svg based presentations to png and pdf

5 may 2014


i like to design my slides using inkscape and then using the plugin called jessyink to create interactive SVGs. these are later displayed using firefox or chromium (does NOT work in IE).

example, see [1]

how to build a presentation using inkscape & jessyink

this is described at [2] (in german). if you are using my presentation as template, you will get a different navigation (left/right key for for backward/forward navigation) and i added a automatic page number to the SVG.

how to create PNGs and a PDF from such presentations

create a working directory:

mkdir myslides; cd myslides
... copy your inkscape/jessyink document there ...

then download phantomjs:

apt-get install phantomjs (or)
nix-env -i phantomjs

afterwards create images from each slide:

for i in 0 `seq 1 43`; do phantomjs rasterize.js file:///home/joachim/doc/vortrag/easterhegg2014-docker-nix-container.svg#1_$i slide$(printf %03d $i).png 1024px*768px; done

now create the pdf:

convert slide* easterhegg2014-docker-nix-container.svg.pdf
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