installing murmurd mumble bypassing packet management

10 oct 2009

so how is that done?

  1. download mumble-1.1.8.tar.gz

  2. extract it

  3. download libcap-2.16.tar and extract it as welll -> ./configure && make but not make install

  4. now go into the mumble source directory and edit

LIBS+= -L /home/joachim/mumble-1.1.8/libcap-2.16/libcap -lcap**
** INCLUDEPATH += /home/joachim/mumble-1.1.8/libcap-2.16/libcap/include/**
i just added this two lines, check the path in your installation
  1. now we have to invoke qmake to generate the ‘Makefile’ with qmake CONFIG+=no-client CONFIG+=no-ice CONFIG+=no-dbus

  2. finally we do ** make**

* if something fails in the make step, either play with the Makefile (which will be lost after doing '**make distclean**' of course
* in case you want to play with the you should use '**make distclean**' and then step 5 again, else you will not get a new **Makefile** and it won't work
  1. we need to give the dynamic linker the library at runtime, this is done with one little command:

** export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/joachim/mumble-1.1.8/libcap-2.16/libcap:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH**

That’s it. Once the concpets are obvious doing things like that gets fairly easy.

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