kdevelop on nixos

17 oct 2011

issue 1

i’ve adapted to a nixos only desktop and i’m facing new problems every day, lately i wanted to use kdevelop but it wasn’t able to import a normal ’Makefile’based project. next i installed lots of packages somehow mentioned at [1]. still that alone didn’t help so i ran:


kbuildsycoca4 is a utility which generates a cache of .desktop files and such to be used by programs. PovAddict#kde-devel@irc.freenode.net recommended to set KDEDIRS correctly because when doing so running kbuildsycoca4 manually wouldn’t be neccessary.

not sure how to solve this problem correctly yet but in case i find out i will add it to this post.

update: 30.06.2012

in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix write:

environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [

after nixos-rebuild kdevelop will have makefile and cmake support. however, at least for proper cmake support, needed when kdevelop should build the project, you will need to prepare a decent environment where all the needed programs and dependencies are listed, see [2]

issue 2

another point which bugs me is that auto-completion doesn’t work correctly as there is no such thing as /usr/include on nixos as one might expect when coming from a different linux distribution. didn’t find a solution here yet either…

update: 30.06.2012 - found a nice solution to this problem, just have a look at [2] as well

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