mediawiki clean skin relocated

2 jun 2011


mediawiki has various built in skins but i usually prefered the ‘clean’ skin from Kevin Hughes (shown in the screenshot).

lately i had massive problems as i was moving from a gentoo server to a nix os server probably caused by different php versions but i’m not absolutely sure. anyway as the clean skin [1] was broken with the more recent php version.

wasn’t it the fault of different mediawiki versions?

i did copy my old mediawiki (and the clean skin) on a 1:1 basis to my nix os based server resulting in the same layout problems compared to using the most recent mediawiki from scratch.

therefore i conclude that issues i fixed are not caused by mediawiki.

the fix

finally i decided to hack the skin to make it work again and i came up with 3 small modifications to the code and the skin was working again! after contacting Kevin Hughes about my changes** he decided to release the next version of his skin cc-by-sa/3.0** which is great!

but he also said that he is not hosting the skin anymore, that means: the clean skin has a new home [2] (namely my repository). of course, as it is open source now you can also host it on any other page. but i would welcome other modifications to be done collaboratively.

dear kevin hughes - thank you so much for that great skin!

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