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16 mar 2010

more orgre updates - comments on ogre examples

i’ve finished a set of basic ogre examples - since the ones coming with ogre 1.7+ are not very good. you can download them from github.com/qknight, see [1]. i’ve added a README which explains all in detail, again see [1]. i wish i had the time to create more of these examples. so here are a few screenshots.

so basically my examples are about:

  • how to create fully self-contained simple examples independent of each other

  • how to get ogre running (with the example framework from the ogre wiki tutorials)

  • using ois or sdl joystick/gamepad support in ogre

  • how to create spheres and how to texture them properly

  • how to approximate rings which are approximated circles using line segments

  • how to use cg (nvidia) and glsl (opengl) shaders

  • how to use cmake

  • how to write small but yet powerful example

  • i’ve also put attention at a very light weight CustomMedia system, it will be easy for you to understand how to use materials and textures together with shaders

all of these use cmake and you can use them for whatever purpose you like. just note that i’ve included code from the ogre wiki and i don’t know which copyright or license they use which is ‘yet’ another criticism (but i will stop right here). i would like to thank the irc folks in #ogre3d@irc.freenode.net for their support.

it would be nice if you would drop me a email with feedback on how you liked/used my examples.

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