pulse check

10 apr 2023


below is a circle, click it for every pulse you feel for about 11 to 20 samples. if you click too early or too late it is not so important, missing an event actually is.

only the last 20 samples are used for measurement, so if the overall pulse changes the measurement will also adapt.

note: to reset it, just wait 2 seconds without clicking then start over (will show reset text)


value is in BPM (beats per minute):

quality assurance

i used this in the F12 shell of firefox to generate some pulses:

setInterval(function(){ document.getElementById("circle").click(); }, 1000); // 60 bpm

and for manual clicking i was using this:



the pulse is computed as the average of the last 20 samples, the average is computed as the time difference between the first and the last sample divided by the number of samples - 1.

some notable mentions are that parts of the code was written from copilot (chatGPT) and all inline in the pulse_check.mdwn document. i used goland with copilot integration and both programs totally figured out that this is a wild mix of markdown, inline html/css and inline javascript and my own pankat plugins.

you can view the code, just click the link ‘article source’ below.

article source