strategic innovation in europe

22 may 2023


ideas of mine to make ‘europe’ a ‘strong strategic player’


to get rid of the current software monoculture we need to introduce a open source based culture. the closed source culture keeps us dependent on the US.

there are already so many open source projects out there, we need to use them instead.



  • make software reproducibility a first order principle (i.e. reproducible builds via Nix)
  • forbid microsoft AD usage in companies and public institutions and encourage open standards


  • make ipv6 mandatory for dsl/fiber/mobile
    • with static prefix
    • ipv6
    • general SLA uptime guarantees for wired connections, no special contracts for businesses
  • maximum 3 months contracts
  • free choice of router
  • symmetric upload/download bandwidth
  • discourage the term ‘flat rate’, instead just have reasonable prices
  • encourage usage


  • we must get rid of EU roaming fees for mobiles (also includes swiss), also make mobile voip mandatory in terms of QoS

payment, accounting

invoice automation:

  • sellers (online and offline) must be obliged to append a machine readable (json, xml) invoice for accounting during the payment process

europe needs a independent clone of:


in europe we must have an alternative to amazon aws, google cloud, microsoft azure, digitalocean, linode

packages and services

  • germany: shift away from home-delivery default to and
  • create a ‘europe’ based alternative to in form of a market place (i.e. google shopping)


this white paper only outlines a few low-hanging fruits. in regards to many topics discussed above, the netherlands is currently in the lead. they even got cool things as the initiative.

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