8 feb 2016


wordpress uses svn for plugins and themes but not for the translations nor the software itself. this is a short update on how to fix the situation for the translations.


this was actually the simplest thing i could come up with: a bash script downloads the languages in different versions and commits them to individual git branches.

  1. query all ‘current’ versions:

  2. now query each version and download all files and store each ‘hu_HU’ version into its own branch:

     [new branch]      hr-4.0 -> hr-4.0
     [new branch]      hr-4.1 -> hr-4.1
     [new branch]      hr-4.2 -> hr-4.2
     [new branch]      hr-4.3 -> hr-4.3
     [new branch]      hr-4.4 -> hr-4.4
     [new branch]      hu_HU-4.0 -> hu_HU-4.0
     [new branch]      hu_HU-4.1 -> hu_HU-4.1
     [new branch]      hu_HU-4.2 -> hu_HU-4.2
     [new branch]      hu_HU-4.3 -> hu_HU-4.3
     [new branch]      hu_HU-4.4 -> hu_HU-4.4

see this script for more details. and the this README.md on how to use it with a nix expression.

for more details, visit:


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