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vscodium and nix develop

using vscodium to develop code remotely via ssh using nix develop open complete article


libnix fixPath

fixPath on Windows 10 as an alternative to rpath for avoiding DLL hell open complete article


libnix volth's work

reviewing volth's nix windows port from 2020 open complete article


libnix mingw status

mingw nix - nix-instantiate.exe works on windows! open complete article



libnix motivation, the future of cross platform nix open complete article



my experiences using leptos with rust to create klimabilanzklaeranlage.de open complete article



data science for the tour of nix

creating a world map of tour of nix users using grafana open complete article


mattermost with nixcloud-webservices

declarative mattermost with nixcloud-webservices open complete article


automated chatGPT summary

creating chatGPT summaries for pankat articles using the api and go open complete article


docker compose vs nixcloud

comparing docker compose/swarm to nixos, nixcloud.webservices, LXC and kubernetes open complete article



using one password manager for multiple platforms open complete article


ruckig motion planning

using the ruckig library for motion planning in the browser open complete article


strategic innovation in europe

technocratic white paper on how to make europe a strong strategic player open complete article


pulse check

example how to compute your pulse using js/css from a pankat markdown article using copilot open complete article


pankat editor

pankat is a static blog generator with integrated live pandoc preview open complete article




nix-language-atlas emscripten

nix-language-atlas javascript


nixcloud-webservices tests

how we do tests and CI at nixcloud. open complete article



creating the ultimate webservice(s) tooling aka nixcloud. open complete article




nixos assembly on 33C3 kongress open complete article



avoiding cargo usage in nixpkgs. open complete article


nixos sprint in augsburg 2016

a report about a nixos hacking sprint in the augsburger 'openlab' hackerspace. open complete article


pulseaudio tcp streaming

streaming audio in tcp using pulseaudio and avahi open complete article



about running NixOS on a simple yet powerfull server: the APU open complete article



crawling webpages using selenium, visualizing results using grafana with influxdb backend. open complete article



cfp software written in golang for the tuebix linuxtag in tuebingen open complete article



about how to create a powerful xml editor using emscripten, libxml2 and codemirror. open complete article



a report about a nixos hacking sprint in the augsburger 'openlab' hackerspace. open complete article


android calendar and CalDav

Using CalDAV/CardDAV with owncloud on android and thunderbird open complete article


emscripten-1.36.4 on nixos

emscripten on nixos works a tiny bit better now open complete article


request tracker kanban extension

extending legacy software like request tracker with webtechnology from a decade later open complete article


nixos pxe booting

intel PXE is used to boot a computer by using the network as source for the OS. this posting is about how to do that with NixOS. open complete article


odroid xu4 with nixos

nixos support for 'armv7l' is getting much better. in this postings i want to show a few insights on how to get nixos running on any ARM board which is running linux already. open complete article



about the effort of making wordpress deployment reproducible. open complete article



tour of nix

a tour of nix is an educational purpose project on teaching the Nix programming language. It is also an introduction on how to use LLVM and emscripten to convert C++ programs to run in the browser. open complete article



"nixos cross compiler for powerpc64 big endian" open complete article



nixos options search for offline usage open complete article


NixOS Chaos Communication Camp 2015

NixOS @ chaos communication camp 2015 open complete article


creative packaging in nixpkgs

Discover the creative packaging techniques and practices in Nixpkgs, exploring innovative solutions for software packaging and distribution open complete article


go-webkit2 on nixos

webloop on nixos porting attempt open complete article



mediawiki-1.16-to-2.24.2 upgrade

mediawiki, php using traditional nixos webservices open complete article


useflags in nixos

discussion on nixos USE flags similarities to gentoo open complete article


playing FTL on NIXOS

FTL game tweaks for nixos, patchelf open complete article



ODOO evaluation

is ODOO a modern ERP system written in python? open complete article


owncloud ssl client certificates

adding client SSL certificates two the qt owncloud client open complete article



trying the LS-7T display from pollin.de with linux open complete article



memtest86 fail

memtest86 fails because of broken usb stick it was on open complete article


ubuntu-14.04-apt problems

how to fix broken packages on ubuntu open complete article


PyQwt on github.com

PyQwt moved from sf.net to github.com open complete article


tinkerforge relais raspberry pi 2

i've upgraded my illuminator installation, see previous post: . in short that is: added another 'master brick', upgraded from 3 to 4 'dual relay bricklet', added IO-16 bricklet, added distance IR bricklet, added Ralink RT2571W, added 8 hardware buttons, adapted the relais.js software open complete article


nixos option search

source distribution is broken

source code distribution, midstream, hashing of downloads open complete article


nix-language-atlas nodejs

deploying node.js applications on nixos open complete article


linux without flash

how to get rid of flash on linux open complete article


nix-build-view using ncurses

nix-build-view is a graphical frontend for nix-build, to visualize parallel execution of downloads and builds, taking place when doing nixos-rebuild for example. open complete article


converting jessyink svg based presentations to png and pdf

how to create a presentation using inkscape and jessyink and how to create a pdf from it open complete article


advanced webservices on nixos revisited

tinkerforge relais raspberry pi

this post documents the various software designs i tried until i ended up with a node.js installation on a raspberry pi (PI for short) which is no used several times a day to control my devices' power states. open complete article


mailinglist to newsgroup wrapper

how to read mailing lists with a news reader open complete article


advanced webservices on nixos

a declarative approach to describe webservices open complete article



loading nix-env automatically

how to load a custom environment automatically when entering a directory open complete article



how infotainment in cars will be in a few years open complete article



git gc --aggressive for nixpkgs.git open complete article


shinken 1.2.4 on ubuntu desktop 12.10 iv

ensuring only one dhcp server is active open complete article


CCCS Vortrag

NixOS vortrag beim CCCS open complete article


shinken 1.2.4 on ubuntu desktop 12.10 iii

this posting i want to enhance the shinken usage with a few new ideas open complete article


shinken 1.2.4 on ubuntu desktop 12.10 ii

shinken with impact graph and ICMP open complete article


shinken 1.2.4 on ubuntu desktop 12.10

shinken 1.2.4 on ubuntu desktop 12.10 open complete article


NAT traversal library


the cloud

chatGPT: A cloud consists of similar computers that run the same OS and have various technical and non-technical motivations, such as load balancing and marketing; using cloud services can lead to loss of control, loss of infrastructure, loss of software compatibility, loss of knowledge, and personal experiences with different online services; personal clouds and decentralized infrastructure are alternatives to centralized cloud services, but they face challenges and require standardized package management, symmetrical internet connections, scalability, powerful hardware, encryption, IPv6, and a clear understanding of data protection; private clouds have a long way to go before they can match the features and quality of big clouds; using the internet without losing individuality and freedom of expression can be complicated for average internet users. open complete article


bonding eth0 wlan0 together to get an active backup link

chatGPT: This article discusses the author's experience setting up a bonded network connection on Linux, allowing seamless switching between wireless and wired connections without losing active connections or disrupting bandwidth. The author provides step-by-step instructions for configuring the network and mentions some potential issues that may arise. They also express the need to package ifenslave and suggest integrating bonding into NixOS networking. open complete article


problems with the nixos manifest

chatGPT: How to fix the error message and update Nix archives in NixOS open complete article


svn meld on nixos

chatGPT: Using Meld to resolve conflicts while merging in SVN by configuring .subversion/config and /root/.meld. open complete article


newspages quotability and wikis

chatGPT: The author questions why the wiki principle, including link stability and collaborative editing, is not widely implemented in webpages and documents and expresses the benefits of using wikis. open complete article


booting nixos from lvm on top of mdadm using gpt

chatGPT: A guide for partitioning and installing NixOS on a Hetzner root server with 2x3TB disks using GPT instead of fdisk. open complete article


quantium cracking

chatGPT: This article discusses the potential use of quantum computing for software exploitation and verification, as well as its impact on security and cryptography. It also highlights the promise of detailed quantum research. open complete article


booting nixos from lvm on top of mdadm

chatGPT: This guide provides instructions for setting up a system using fdisk, mdadm, and LVM, with commands for creating RAID and configuring partitions. It also discusses the advantages of this setup and provides links to related resources. open complete article


programming with serial ports in linux

chatGPT: This is a guide on how to log/analyze serial traffic and write a simulator for a UPS using NUT on Debian and NixOS. The author shares their experience with a specific UPS and discusses its pros and cons. The guide also includes links to further information. open complete article


documentaries revisited

chatGPT: This post lists a collection of space science and energy-related documentaries, including topics such as black holes, planets, the Hubble telescope, and nuclear energy. open complete article


developing software using nixos

chatGPT: The article discusses the benefits of developing software on NixOS, a Linux operating system that provides a development environment per project to avoid pollution and regression issues caused by system-wide changes. It also includes examples of configuration files and mentions upcoming features in NixOS. open complete article


podcasts and documentaries

chatGPT: This post lists a collection of documentaries and podcasts, including space science documentaries, energy-related documentaries, and various podcasts on different topics. open complete article



n900 findings

chatGPT: The author's Nokia N900 camera stopped working after the device fell, but reflashing the device resolved the issue. The author also provides steps for backing up and restoring the device and lists the applications they installed. They also mention that uninstalling fcam may have fixed the camera issue. open complete article


kdevelop on nixos

chatGPT: This post discusses two issues faced when using NixOS, including problems with importing a Makefile-based project in KDevelop and issues with auto-completion due to the absence of /usr/include in NixOS. The post provides some updates and links to potential solutions for these problems open complete article


system services on nixos

chatGPT: How to integrate a daemon into NixOS using cntlm as an example. The process involves writing nix expressions, modifying configuration.nix, and starting the service as a separate user. This approach follows a clean design that encompasses packaging, configuration management, and runtime management. open complete article


diploma thesis multi platform software package management

chatGPT: The publication of the author's diploma thesis on package management is now available online, including the source code and introducing new terminology in the field. open complete article


filing a ticket on otrs 3 0 6 on windows server 2008 is slow like hell

chatGPT: Setting up a local SMTP server on Windows Server 2008 to improve email sending efficiency in OTRS ticketing system without the need for an external mail server. open complete article


new nixos org mediawiki theme

chatGPT: The author discusses their experience creating a custom mediawiki theme for muse-sequencer.org, highlighting the importance of integrating the main navigation menu for usability and aesthetics. They also mention the ease of adding external and internal links in mediawiki, and recommend using CSS and tools like Firefox+Firebug for web development. open complete article


ubuntu cachefs experiments

chatGPT: The main purpose is to create a 'high availability' file storage with two servers, one with fast disks for file caching and another with slow but large disks. The setup involves using fscache, virtualbox, and Ubuntu 10.10. The experiment also includes testing fscache with NFS and ext2/ext4 filesystems, as well as performance experiments to determine if the setup is worth it. The conclusion is that hot data can be used with the NFS workaround, but not without it. It would be nice to have a similar feature to fscache for any filesystem. open complete article


mediawiki clean skin relocated

chatGPT: The author discusses their experience with using the 'clean' skin in Mediawiki, their issues with it on a new server, their modifications to fix the issues, and the new home for the clean skin. open complete article


converting a virtualbox image to a libvirt

chatGPT: Migrating a Gentoo system from VirtualBox to a libvirt machine running Fedora Core 15 Beta, including problems with image conversion, network and kernel configuration, and virtualbox kernel module building. open complete article


shinken 0.6 on gentoo

chatGPT: This article discusses the author's experience with deploying the monitoring tool Shinken on Gentoo and troubleshooting an issue with the Livestatus service. The author describes the dependencies they installed and provides a solution to the problem they encountered. open complete article


nixos on a hetzner root server

chatGPT: A tutorial on running Nix OS on a Hetzner platform, including extracting the Nix OS installation using VirtualBox and configuring the root server for file deployment. open complete article


overwriting glibc library functions

chatGPT: This posting shows how to alter certain functions in a library to fix issues with the date function in GCC timestamps. A code snippet is provided to create a custom memcpy function to bypass a specific issue in Adobe Flash. open complete article


evopedia is running on mac os x

chatGPT: The article provides instructions on how to deploy Evopedia 0.4.2 on Mac OS X using Homebrew or native Qt tools, as well as the option to download a pre-built dmg image. open complete article


a new workstation iii

chatGPT: The author discusses their experience with the proprietary NVIDIA driver causing crashes and file loss on their Linux laptop and describes how they used netconsole to track down the issue. They then switched to the nouveau driver which improved performance and power saving, although there were some remaining issues with 2D drawing. The author concludes that KMS+nouveau+gallium3d is the way to go for NVIDIA drivers on Linux. open complete article


prove binary deployment by recompiling and comparing

chatGPT: The article discusses the challenges of verifying the integrity of source code in binary deployment and suggests using a purely functional package manager like Nix to minimize interference and ensure consistent outcomes. It also explores possible solutions to the problem of timestamps causing differences in files. open complete article


bringing nix to its limits

chatGPT: This post discusses using Nix for source deployment and binary deployment on Windows, and explores how to build a MinGW-based Nix toolchain for Windows. open complete article


replacing automake by cmake

chatGPT: Discusses issues with the autotools build system in the Nix package manager and the motivation for replacing it with CMake, as well as tips and pitfalls in the process. open complete article


running the nix package manager in a prefix as the home directory

chatGPT: This post discusses how to set up a Nix prefix installation on Gentoo Linux, including the pros and cons of both Gentoo prefix and Nix prefix. It provides instructions for downloading and using Nix prefix, and includes links for further information. open complete article


running the nix package manager on windows

chatGPT: This article discusses the use of Nix (a package manager like apt or portage) on Windows, including how to build and use it on a Windows system, as well as limitations and potential applications. open complete article


gentoo server maintainance issues

chatGPT: Two Gentoo systems experienced issues after updates, with one failing due to glibcxx/gcc update and the other failing to start a service after an update, highlighting the challenges of updating systems and the importance of using compatible software versions. open complete article


gentoo security

chatGPT: A reminder on how to keep a Gentoo system safe and sound, including updating active components, removing unnecessary software, checking for GLSA and kernel updates, managing disk space, and disabling unused services. open complete article



mac os x virtualbox

chatGPT: Running Mac OS X from VirtualBox on a Gentoo Linux host system, including tips on disk image size, installing software, downloading Xcode, creating snapshots, and image growth. open complete article


evopedia on windows with installer

chatGPT: Evopedia 0.4.2 has been released for Windows, featuring an experimental installer created using HM NIS EDIT and a built-in p2p torrent downloader for updates and downloads. open complete article


package management done differently nix

chatGPT: This article discusses the author's experience with different Linux distributions and their package managers, highlighting the shortcomings and challenges they faced. They then introduce NIX OS, a package manager with unique features such as the ability to install multiple versions of a program, atomic installations, and easy roll-backs. NIX also replaces other build tools like Make and CMake. The author provides an example of creating a Nix component and installing it on Nix OS. open complete article


evopedia is running on arch linux

chatGPT: evopedia is now available for easy installation on Arch Linux through AUR, and users can also install it directly using the provided PKGBUILD source code. open complete article


virtualbox extends my host system with several computers on the same network

chatGPT: The author describes their setup for experimenting with deployment by installing virtual Linux distributions using Virtualbox, solving networking issues and enabling internet access for all hosts using masquerading and configuring a DHCP server. open complete article


evopedia is running on gentoo linux

chatGPT: Evopedia, an offline Wikipedia reader, has been ported to Gentoo Linux and the ebuild can be found at the given link. Thanks were given to the developers who reviewed the ebuild and hope it will be included in the official distribution soon. open complete article


evopedia is running on windows xp

chatGPT: Evopedia, the offline Wikipedia reader, is now running on Windows XP and later versions, with a guide on how to build and modify it for Windows. open complete article


adding torrent support to your qt project

chatGPT: A developer modified a qt torrent example to create a gui-less torrent downloader and found a solution to a problem with the code. open complete article


qgraphicsscene used as a qabstractitemview iii

chatGPT: This posting discusses using a QGraphicsScene/QGraphicsView with a QAbstractItemModel and introduces new concepts for setting up modules and connections, using a messenger class and interface, editing module properties with a QTreeView, and the possibility of using graphviz to layout a graph. open complete article


no more crashes after resuming from pm suspend iii

chatGPT: The author describes issues with their laptop, including problems with graphics, sound, WLAN, and ACPI events. They provide details about the specific issues and mention contacting the relevant development teams for help. open complete article


qabstractitemmodel vs qstandarditemmodel

chatGPT: Discusses the difference between using a QAbstractItemModel and a QStandardItemModel for implementing a torrent client in Qt, and concludes that using a QStandardItemModel is easier and more convenient. open complete article


gentoo user only 2gb ram or less

chatGPT: This article explains how to write swap back to RAM after it has been swapped out during software installation, with cautionary warnings included. open complete article


no more crashes after resuming from pm suspend ii

chatGPT: The author has been experiencing crashes on their HP EliteBook 8530w after resuming from suspend and found that disabling compositing in KDE helped, but the crashes still occurred. They then disabled compositing and AIGLX in xorg.conf, which seemed to resolve the issue. They are currently using Nvidia drivers and have 2D and 3D acceleration running. There have been continued crashes, but it is difficult to debug. open complete article


creating c++ classes using python scripts

chatGPT: This script automates the creation of multiple C++ classes by generating the corresponding .h and .cpp files using Python and string templates. open complete article


enabling vt no longer chrases x on my hp elitebook 8530w

chatGPT: The author discusses their difficulties in using VirtualBox with 64-bit guests on their host OS and their attempts to fix it, eventually finding success with the x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-256.35 driver. They also mention the various functions that are now working with this driver, but note that it may not be stable. open complete article


fixing volume change in linux

chatGPT: A guide addressing volume control issues on Linux systems, particularly focusing on the HP EliteBook 8530w using Gentoo Linux. The guide covers using ACPI events, modifying X bindings, and installing on-screen display (OSD) solutions for volume changes. open complete article


no more crashes after resuming from pm suspend

chatGPT: The author shares their experience of owning an HP Elitebook 8530w and encountering issues with the nvidia card when resuming from suspend, but was able to fix the issue by updating pm-utils and using the acpi interface to adjust the screen brightness. open complete article


spamassassin procmail with vpopmail accounts

chatGPT: The author discusses their experience with using Bayesian filtering with SpamAssassin to reduce spam emails, including their setup, configuration, and training of the filter. They provide details on their procmail configuration, local.cf file, and how they experiment with spam. They also mention the importance of using the correct configuration files and permissions, and provide links to additional resources. open complete article


updating to kde 4.4.2 from kde 4.3.3

chatGPT: The blog post outlines the process of updating Gentoo Linux from KDE 4.3.3 to KDE 4.4.2 (and later 4.4.3). It discusses concepts like package stability in Portage, the user's existing software, preparations for the update, addressing warnings, handling package blocks, removing old KDE components, updating system configuration files, and ultimately achieving a successful installation of KDE 4.4.3, including troubleshooting and resolving dependencies along the way. open complete article



chatGPT: A blog post written in German discussing a seminar assignment on the topic of TCP, including links to a PDF, LaTeX tex file, and BibTeX file. open complete article


offering downloads via p2p using bittorrent

chatGPT: This guide explains how to publish files using BitTorrent on Linux, including creating a .torrent file, hosting a tracker, connecting a seed to the tracker, testing and monitoring the tracker or swarm, and ensuring security. The guide also mentions the limitations of using NAT and the potential of using IPv6 for better performance. open complete article


acronis true image 2009

chatGPT: The user is experiencing issues with Acronis True Image Home 2009 backup software on Windows XP and is looking for a solution regarding incremental backups and consolidation. They disabled the "create a new backup after x incremental or differential backups" option in order to fix the issue. The user suggests that the GUI design could be improved and mentions that they have also tried the 2010 version of the software with no success. They are seeking help or suggestions for a solution. open complete article


magic dhcp stuff isc dynamic host configuration protocol

chatGPT: A blog post explaining how to execute custom scripts when a DHCP lease is passed to a client, with instructions and examples for setup in Gentoo Linux. open complete article


kernel 2 6 25 and udev 141 issue

chatGPT: The problem was that the system was halted due to udev not supporting the kernel version, and the fix involved downgrading udev to version 141 after booting from a grml USB stick and making some changes in the system setup. open complete article


ogre 3d - 4

chatGPT: The author has created a set of basic Ogre examples and provides screenshots and download links on Github, covering various topics including creating self-contained examples, getting Ogre running, using joystick/gamepad support, creating spheres and rings, using shaders, using CMake, and creating a lightweight CustomMedia system. The author also requests feedback on the examples. open complete article


ogre 3d - 3

chatGPT: Object Oriented Input System (OIS) is a cross-platform solution for using different types of input devices and feedback devices, but it may have issues working with certain Linux systems. This content explains how the OIS library has problems with permissions when accessing certain input devices on Linux, and provides solutions for fixing the issue using udev rules. It also discusses the lack of device hotplugging support in OIS and SDL libraries. open complete article


a new workstation ii

chatGPT: The author provides updates and discusses various issues with their laptop, including IO-wait problems, crashing during compilation, swapping, crashes on resume, low quality graphic card drivers, KDE PIM application problems, and sound support issues. They also mention using smartd and experiencing problems with Skype and flash. open complete article


ogre 3d - 2

chatGPT: A status update for Ogre on Gentoo, including information about the samples browser, the use of CMake for the Ogre library, issues with key repeat and the Ogre configurator, the need for FreeImage, the complexity of the samples, and problems with compiling projects and using Nvidia CG support. Also includes information about an ebuild for Ogre 1.7rc1 and links to relevant forums and resources. open complete article


package managers

chatGPT: The author proposes a method for automatically detecting dependencies in package managers by monitoring OPEN syscalls and using the 'ldd' command on the built binary. The goal is to have a common package manager for all Linux distributions, as well as other operating systems like macOS and Windows. open complete article


ogre 3d

chatGPT: The author discusses their issues with using Ogre 3D on Gentoo, including installation problems, lack of documentation and samples, and issues with the build system. They suggest looking at how Trolltech handles their Qt release as a possible fix. open complete article


qgraphicsscene used as a qabstractitemview ii

chatGPT: This article discusses the use of QGraphicsItem as a base class and the implementation of the class GraphicsItemModelExtension to query data from a QAbstractItemModel. It also touches on the use of properties and the need for a solution in displaying properties in a top-down manner. open complete article


the future of the internet

chatGPT: The internet consists of low level protocols such as TCP, UDP, and IP, and there are various applications and services that use protocols other than HTTP. The biggest issue with HTTP is that it is a polling-only protocol, but there are new concepts like SPDY and websockets that aim to make HTTP more interactive. The future of the internet includes the adoption of IPv6, extended capabilities of HTTP, the merging of private and commercial internet usage, and the disappearance of Flash. open complete article


libnoise viewer

chatGPT: The author discusses their experience with using multi-threading and the QThread class in the libnoise-viewer software, as well as how they applied a color-gradient to visualize a heightmap. They also mention their positive experience with migrating to cmake and using the KDevelop IDE. open complete article


linux bashing

chatGPT: The author is experiencing multiple problems with their Gentoo Linux system, including mouse devices not working, file losses, crashes, slow performance, and instability. They are considering switching to Windows or trying a different desktop environment like XFCE4. open complete article



qgraphicsscene used as a qabstractitemview

chatGPT: This is a discussion about using QGraphicsScene as a QAbstractItemView and exploring different design approaches and concepts for a graph editor. open complete article


cmake kdevelop 4

chatGPT: The author discusses their experience using CMake for a Qt4 application, finding it easy to use and praising its "out of source" builds, and recommends resources for converting Qt4 applications from qmake to cmake. They also mention the convenience of using cmake with uic for KDE4 projects and express their satisfaction with KDevelop4's features such as language parsing, auto completion, multiple projects in one widget, and worksets. open complete article


a new workstation

chatGPT: A user purchased an HP Elitebook 8530w laptop and had a positive experience with its performance and design, preferring it over other options due to its powerful NVIDIA graphics card and lack of AMD components. The user installed Gentoo on the laptop by cloning an image from another computer and had some initial difficulties with the installation but resolved them. The user praised the laptop's anti-glare display, low power drain in standby mode, and compatibility with Linux. The only issues encountered were with LAN, WLAN, webcam, and touchpad functionality. The user also mentioned using genkernel for creating a new initrd image for encryption support. Overall, the user highly recommends the HP Elitebook 8530w. open complete article


cmake and doxygen github com

chatGPT: A developer discusses using cmake with doxygen, provides a code example, and mentions helpful resources. open complete article


n0 e28093 netw0rk manager source release

chatGPT: The author has released nNull, a client/server program that can execute various scripts and is not limited to network scripts, with a console qt program for the server and a QWidget for the client. open complete article


n0 netw0rk manager

chatGPT: The author created their own network manager called n0 or nNull using Qt 4.x with a server and a client communicating via dbus, and they will release the source code soon. They explain how the network manager works and provide a script they use to change wireless networks. They also mention using dbus to execute scripts and logging the output to the GUI process. open complete article


uninterruptible power supply suspend2ramsuspend2disk

chatGPT: Using software raids on Linux can be problematic during power outages, but using a single device without software raid or using suspend2ram/suspend2disk can provide a solution. open complete article


linux love gentoo love

chatGPT: The author updates their Gentoo box and praises the stability and usability of the new portage KDE, the Nvidia graphics driver, and the performance of various applications, expressing overall happiness with the update and plans for future improvements. open complete article


ATI M22 mobility radeon x300 and external monitors

chatGPT: The author encountered a limitation in the Radeon X300 graphics card where only one crtc interface could be used at a time, leading to a workaround using the xrandr command to disable and enable outputs, and suggested improvements for error messages. open complete article


chatGPT: The author discusses their experience with network management on Linux, specifically focusing on the drawbacks and benefits of their own network configuration setup using scripts. They also mention their thoughts on NetworkManager and suggest improvements, such as better debugging options and a graphical interface for monitoring network activity. Finally, they propose the concept of a "pyramid of services" to visualize the dependencies between network services and the ability to restart services at different layers of the pyramid. open complete article


process control on logout


chatGPT: The author is curious about running Linux and Windows simultaneously on one machine, but there are security and performance issues with virtualization, and they are seeking information on how it works and how to set it up. open complete article


debugging failing gui only programs

chatGPT: Prior to GUI toolkits, console programs were commonly used, but now GUIs like QMessageBox can be annoying; the proposed fix is to record output buffers and easily toggle a console containing the recorded buffer for debugging and usability purposes. open complete article


installing murmurd mumble bypassing packet management

chatGPT: A guide on how to download and compile Mumble and its dependencies in Linux. open complete article


NAT IPv4 holepunching nattraversal

chatGPT: A user's experience trying to play a game of Spring using Springlobby and Skype, encountering issues with connection and NAT traversal, prompting the need for a solution to establish a connection before game launch. The idea of using a udpserver with hole punching and UPnP capabilities is proposed as a potential solution. The user also mentions the availability of expensive servers for hosting games and the potential of IPv6 as a solution. open complete article


openstreetmap heightmaps

chatGPT: The problem of visualizing height differences in maps is discussed, with examples of different rendering methods shown. The idea of creating an OpenStreetMap renderer using the Spring RTS 'colorful heightmap' renderer or an overlay with local rendering is suggested. open complete article


GPL vs others

chatGPT: Comparing the success of Linux and BSD, the author attributes Linux's popularity to the GPL license, which forces the release of source code upon request, while BSD's more permissive license allows closed-source programs. The author also mentions Minix and expresses interest in a Linux modification that combines Minix's design with Linux. open complete article


linux on the desktop

chatGPT: Linux is not on the desktop yet due to issues with graphic drivers, wireless LAN, updates, security mechanisms, and backups, but its lack of game support is no longer a major concern. open complete article


acquiring aids by surfing porn

chatGPT: The article discusses how computers can be infected by viruses and how websites can infect computers through various attack patterns. It also explores social aspects of internet porn and the challenges of hiding online activities. The article raises concerns about privacy and the potential consequences of being exposed. open complete article


wireless lan security

chatGPT: The text discusses the security issues with using a bridge in securing a wireless LAN, including the potential for interception, alteration, and insertion of malware. It also debunks the effectiveness of MAC filters in wireless security. open complete article


centralized vs decentralized infrastructures

chatGPT: The content discusses the upcoming wireless LAN standard 802.11s and the concept of mesh networking, highlighting the need for a centralized infrastructure before decentralization can occur in various examples, and mentioning the advantages and security issues of the 802.11s standard. open complete article


openmoko - xbuffer screwup issue

chatGPT: The openmoko device is experiencing frequent errors and the user is seeking a solution. open complete article


p2p networks decentralized

chatGPT: An example is given where a peer-to-peer (p2p) web service could alleviate costs related to bandwidth usage and server load by distributing the load to clients, and mentions the influence of technologies like Google Gears and web 2.0 Ajax. open complete article


internet vs p2p networks

chatGPT: The internet was originally designed as a decentralized fail-safe structure, but many protocols and services today rely on central points of failure, which opens the door to censorship. Peer-to-peer (p2p) networks offer a solution by allowing the sharing of files and opinions in a democratic manner. open complete article


spam issue intentional

chatGPT: Big email hosters like Gmail could benefit from concentration efforts to handle spam efficiently, while small installations struggle with the resources needed for effective sorting, leading to potential legal Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks by spam on their competitors. open complete article


hello world

chatGPT: Initial Impressions of OpenMoko Neo Freerunner: Navigating Software Instabilities and Recognizing Potential open complete article